All You Should Know About Laser Hair Therapy in Treating Hair Loss

Laser hair therapy is actually one of the well- known methods used to regrow hair. Low-level laser and the use of a laser cap should be used to stimulate growth of hair. This is because they do not release heat and your hair will not get damaged.

Low-level laser therapy will help in stimulating hair growth in areas where there is still some hair left in comparison to growing new hair in places that are completely bald. After exposing the balding area to the laser light, growth is stimulated by increasing circulation of both blood and oxygen. You should not expect to find immediate results after undergoing just a few hair laser therapies, for you to start seeing new growth, it can take a year.

Some doctors will recommend the use of medication for hair loss together with low-level laser therapy like Capillus. In addition, in case you experience any type of hair growth in your scalp, you should continue with the laser therapy procedure to maintain the results.

If you would like to re-grow your hair using low-level laser therapy, then it is important to look for a doctor to perform the procedure. First, ensure that you get a doctor with experience in performing laser therapy for hair loss. The doctor is supposed to know why you are experiencing hair loss in the first place for him to give you proper treatment. Depending on what really caused your hair loss you might not require to have laser therapy. Moreover, the doctor will be able to advise you to take a particular medication as you undergo your laser therapy sessions if he is aware of the causes of your hair loss. When treatments are combined, they can at times increase each other's effectiveness.

When laser therapy procedure is performed, you will need to sit under the device for a particular period for the lasers to expose your scalp with the appropriate amount of laser light for roughly twenty minutes. As you get the procedure performed, the doctor will be taking care of you all the time.

Once you start this treatment, you will be required to have it done for a few times every week for six weeks. After completing the first six weeks, you will just need to return to the doctor's office only once in a week for around four months.

If you are experiencing hair loss, laser hair therapy is a very effective method to restore your hair. Here's how laser hair therapy works: